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Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Unemployment in Tennessee

Have you been denied ?  Do you feel that the Agency Decision, the Decision of the Appeals Tribunal, and/or the Decision of the Commissioner’s Designee issued by the was wrong?

Were the reasons for denial stated “work related misconduct” or that you violated a policy held by the employer?  In such cases, the separating employer must show that you intentionally breached a duty owed to said employer and willfully damaged their legitimate business purposes in order to prevail under our .  Likewise, an employer must show that you intentionally breached a policy that you were made aware of if they attempt to evince a finding of work related misconduct.

Was the reason for denial is that you allegedly “voluntarily resigned” without good cause.  Many people think if they are forced to quit they are ineligible for .  This is not true if you quit for necessitious and compelling reasons and if you exhausted reasonable alternative before quitting.  Such “good cause” is a substantial change in your work in regard to pay and working hours.

You can appeal an adverse decision and we at Barnette Law Offices, LLC may be able get it reversed.

Most employers in Tennessee will lie to the department of workforce and labor so that you’re declared ineligible. This saves them money on insurance premiums. However, Jason Barnette and his team at Barnette Law Offices fight for employees which are wrongfully being denied benefits.

If you need an , contact Jason Barnette today at 615-585-2245 or

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Denied Unemployment in Tennessee–Call Us!

Barnette Law Offices is accepting new clients that have been denied UI Compensation Benefits; i.e., unemployment, by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development.  Whether you have been deemed ineligible for work-related misconduct under the ambit of T.C.A. 50-7-303(a)(2) or because of you have voluntarily resigned as prescribed under T.C.A. 50-7-303(a)(1) we can usually assist in reversing the Agency Decision before the Appeals Tribunal or reversing the Decision of the Appeals Tribunal before the Commissioner’s Designee.

Tennessee Unemployment Lawyer Jason Barnette is well versed in Tennessee Employment Security Law and will give your appeal the knowledge and attention it needs.  While the Department makes the process to appear simple and non-confrontational, it is.  If you do not know the unique procedure and substantive law needed to show that you did not “voluntarily” quit or to preclude your former employer of meeting their burden of proof that you were culpable of work related misconduct, you’ll lose.  This is why retaining the Tennessee Unemployment Lawyers at Barnette Law Offices to assist you.

Give us a call 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 615-585-2245 or email us at for a free consultation with no obligation.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tennessee Unemployment Law

Have you recently applied for through the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development and received an Agency Decision stating you were ineligible?  If so, call at Barnette Law Offices.

You have a right to appeal the Agency Decision to the Appeals Tribunal.  It matters not if you have been alleged to have committed work related misconduct or to have voluntarily resigned.  You need a Tennessee unemployment law attorney like to explain to the hearing officer what is and what is not work related misconduct and to apply T.C.A. 50-7-303(a)(2)(A) to the facts of your case.  If the issue is voluntary resignation, you need an like Jason Barnette to help you show that you had compelling and necessitious reasons to leave your most recent work and that you exhausted all reasonable alternative before so leaving.

If you’ve been denied benefits through the Department of Labor, contact Jason Barnette at Barnette Law Offices.  We can be reached at 615-585-2245 and

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Unemployment Benefits Denied?

Have you been denied by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development.  If so, you are not alone.  Many claimants receive Agency Decisions which deny them the unemployment benefits they are entitled to.  Chances are that the Agency Decision you received from the Employment Security Division stated that you were ineligible due to work related misconduct or that you voluntarily resigned.  However, don’t despair just yet because you are afforded the right to to the Appeal’s Tribunal.


focuses on winning unemployment benefits for his clients and those rightfully entitled to benefits.  The Appeals Tribunal is a term that is used to describe an appeal which takes place before a hearing officer employed by the TDLWD.  The rules of evidence apply as do the procedural rules of the TDLWD. 

While you do not have to have an attorney in a hearing, ask yourself do you know what work related misconduct actually means under the Tennessee Code Annotated or how our courts have defined it?  Moreover, do you know the Tennessee Rules of Evidence or the procedures employed by the TDLWD during an administrative review?

In short, while you do not have to have an attorney represent you during an appeal before the Appeal’s Tribunal, it is advantageous.  Moreover, it is helpful to have an attorney such as who knows the substantive and procedural law that applies in such hearings.

In addition, some claimants believe that if they left their most recent work for whatever reason, they cannot receive unemployment benefits.  This is not always true.  If your last working environment gave you compelling reasons to leave, affected your physical or mental well being, and you exhausted all reasonable alternatives before resigning then you could well be eligible for .  Furthermore, if there was a substantial change in your work – such as a cut in pay or being assigned duties which you did not have when you were hired – from the date of employment until the date of separation, you may be deemed eligible for benefits.

In any event, if you have been denied unemployment benefits by the TDLWD for misconduct or voluntary resignation, call at 615-585-2245 today.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Have you been denied ?  If so, you have the right to appeal and rebut all evidence presented by your former employer.  However, the procedures set forth by the Department are often confusing and timing to preserve your appeal is crucial.

In order to successfully appeal a denial of unemployment benefits, you need to   We are one of the very few firms in all of Tennessee which heavily focus strictly on before the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce.  We know the process and the law that will support your claim for reinstatement of or eligibility for benefits. 

Please contact us today at 615-585-2245 or if you’ve been denied for .  Allow to take your former employer to task and level the playing field.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

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